Hi Veda. Okay then, these details *do* shift the interpretation. And in addition to traditional dream interpretation, I took the time to tap into intuition here, and it results in deeper insight into this dream--and you.

I get the feeling that your emotional world is vast. And that you feel very comfortable in using and tapping into your emotions. The dock in the distance does not mean that in your past you have been distant with your emotions but that from a very long time ago, you feel as though you mastered your feelings and even turned to them to guide you to safe harbor.

You seem to be a very deep person with a lot of spiritual aspects to your life. As for the classy buffet with lovely food that felt the darkest, could it be that there is an aspect within you that is rich and appealing (beliefs, studies and practices) that might have an element of risk? Nothing to be concerned about; just a reflection of a part of you. Whatever it is, you seem to enjoy this part of you.

There is a very strong water element about you. And water has been an important part of your work. Water is the element for communication as well as emotional work. Water is creativity. Water is healing, too. So you may be involved in a career or work that is all of the above. Water in its literal sense might be a part of your waking life. Because of this strong water influence in your dream and waking life, your dream symbol for self is a boat.

The iced over grass is interesting because grass is life and abundance, but being iced over indicates freezing or coldness. You seem to be gliding over this. You might want to reflect on that and what it could possibly relate to in your waking life. It could be anything from a freezing of financial assets in your career (and you aren't worried about it at all) or perhaps you might think that grass could be greener in other pastures but you stop yourself from thinking that way and glide on over.

To simplify this dream, let's just say that the boat theme is commenting upon your vast emotional world and how you are cruising and controlling your direction in life. Boats can be unstable or unbalanced, depending upon the water conditions in life. But since you're on cruise type ships, it is safe to say that you have an inner richness of resources as you travel onward to discover, explore and experience life.

If I were to recommend anything based upon these dreams, I'd say they recur to remind you to enjoy the ride. Whatever comes up, you can cruise through it.

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