I remember one dream.

Me and my parents moved to another house. It was big and right next to water, it was the only house that close the others of that city were a little at least farther. Also at that part it looked almost like a swamp. It was big, white and blue. I went for a walk to visit the city like that, at one point I had to walk in properties because there were no street anymore, I stopped first because I did not want to trespass and also I had to walk at first under trees and I was scared of spiders. I ended up where a few people there and before one saw me I apologised and said there were no streets anymore so I had no choice. They were all polite and nice. I do not recall if I mentioned it first or someone else did but the subject quickly or immediately became about me being new there. I told which house we had bought and they were half impressed half wondering why. I said that no renovations were needed except paint and they were shocked by that. I said that maybe we would build something on the swamp like area and a man who did construction said that it would be perfect for an igloo, I asked how something like that was built and he made some calculations out loud then he said the numbers of snow bricks needed, how to do it, how long it would take and that it would be 200$ and something. I do not know if it was immediately after or not but then it was Winter and me and I think my brother did one but some neighborhood kids destroyed it. We built another one after someone said that maybe get a big Dog and he also said at least one more thing. I got a Pit Bull who scared them off when they came back at night when I was there but do not remember if I was alone. That igloo was habitable, we I think even got water and electricity after being able to have a fire there.