I remember two dreams.

For some reason I stopped watching Tennis before a final of a grand slam eventhough I had watched from the start and Rafael Nadal had made that final. I heard he won and I went to the ceremony and I was acting like I had watched it, in my head I was making excuses for what I had done and to continue watching that sport. It was supposed to be Rolland Garros but it looked like Wimbledon and his opponent was supposed to be Roger Federer but he looked like the sous-chef in Hell's Kitchen.

I was shopping in another city (saw it often in my dreams but i doubt it exist in real life). At first mom was there too (do not know if that was it or i cannot remember that - that was dreamed the last minutes before the alarm came on) but at the end it was me, dad and my brother who like usual never talks when in my dreams. I was alone in the back and dad was talking about a huge spider there and that apparently it rings doorbells so that it was a reason not to kill it, I made a face and thought well not for me and then he said well sure if it goes after you okay but not otherwise and I continued not saying anything. Then he saw a sign saying that a store for Cows was coming and for some reason that excited me and I wanted to go there plus it gave me ideas.