I remember three dreams.

I had Worms has pets. They were in a big aquarium, there were dirt (the one we use for house plants) I also had put a small plate that looked like a pool from a doll house in the middle at the bottom with water in it and on top it was closed with a light. Many people looked at it and was impressed. I had put some food in there too, a potato I think.

Will Smith was in it and it was his The Pursuit Of Happyness character. He was in a doctor office waiting with his last machine when someone where he was trying to have a job arrived. He made up an excuse to be there and the man believed him. He kept talking and Will kept looking around scared he would be caught, he even yawned sometimes but this I do not know if he was doing that on purpose or not. He was not caught and the man was not angry at him.

I went outside (the house was in Saint-Hubert but it was different especially outside) wanting to get Worms to have as pets. I only had a small container with dirt in it but I was going to get a huge aquarium and arranged it well for them. I was going to one way but saw spider webs so went another way and there were more, I finally walked in webs and I freaked out, I started by jumping and screaming and touching myself to get these off and then ran to the street. A woman who lived in front came to talk to me. After a while or right away I told her about the webs then I told her eventhough she did not ask about what was in my hands I invented a story about me waiting for a friend and this was hers, she believed me and I thought that I would just go inside when she would be gone and hope that she would not look out and see that I lied.