I remember three dreams.

It was very high paced and it kept changing like when we think of several things at the same time but faster than that.

I realised that my panties were backward. Then I realised other things that were wrong and it kept happening. Towards the end I laughed but a sarcastic laugh and said nothing is going well and it keeps getting worst. I think at least something else happened before all that but I do not remember if that's the case.

People who were on the titanic were somewhere for a reunion. It was supposed to be many years later but they all looked like they did when that happened. The main people were Rose, her mom and her fiancé. They were given a luggage each that was found on the titanic, everybody was excited but Rose. She was standing with her mom and they each had one in front of them and others including Cal were sitting in front like it was a show or to wait their turn. She finally opened it and everything fell on the floor neatly like it was packed. Cal became furious because a hat was there and she had worn it the day she fell in love with Jack or when he met her. She soon later walked fast out of there followed by her mom and before she said anything she told her I do not even have a picture of him, I have nothing of him. After that I think after her mom said something chaos started like the boat was sinking. I also think she saw Jack there.