I remember three dreams.

All I remember is that there were a few channels on YouTube that I wanted to stop going to and I decided to go to all one day and with each upcoming days one less until none remained.

All I remember is that someone was insulted by being said that he looked like Eminem and I was angry and told that person how that was an insult (that could of been part of the first or last dream).

I went in the water (it looked very different from here) eventhough it was very cold but I did not looked to be affected by that cold. At least one person saw me and then I changed (did not see myself change - 1 time i was dressed normally then i had a wet suit on) and when I was changed into that wet suit instead of just standing in that water and walking around I was swimming and diving. When I came out there were many people in my house and they were planning something (either renovations or moving or something else) and at one part I took part in that planning. At one other part too there was a Dog and I think it was at the start.