I remember one dream.

It was like the movie and game Assassin's Creed (never seen it and played any) I also do not remember all of it but it was a short one. A man was really good at getting away and the man in charge of the men after him decided at one point that he did not want him dead he wanted him, finally he was caught after he jumped from very high and was about to hit water where under a submarine was waiting for him, a man with his feet or and legs tied caught him by the hands right above the water but soon after he got away, the calculation was by the second or fraction of second for not missing the submarine but despite losing time he got in anyway, there was also big waves. I could hear at the end the music of the first trailer of the movie and at least there the man getting away looked like Michael Fassbender and he had on the costume when we see him jump at the end.