I remember three dreams.

All I remember is that there was a small Monkey in it.

It was during Wimbledon and by accident or someone else in the same room I saw some Tennis which made me think I should start again (had just stopped weeks before) when I learned that Rafael Nadal had lost I started thinking more about it then thought I could wait until Rogers Cup and watch until the next so that it would be a complete then I thought well maybe not all that time then thought about when. I think I woke up before figuring out.

I went to see the doctor I had when I was living in Saint-Hubert but in the dream the office was different (where he received his patient that room was the same as in real life). I had trouble getting my health card out of my wallet, I told the secretary it was a new wallet, they also needed another card and I said a few until I got it, when I took out my health card I saw I had two which shocked me and I could not figure out which one was the new one, the secretary did. I went to sit thinking it would be long even with barely any patients waiting (it was always a huge wait with him even when you were his first patient of the day) but I was called almost right away which shocked me and made the others angry. I only asked for a renewal of my prescription and while standing near the door he asked if there was something else and I said no and he said what about the smell of your [censored] and I said what then after a silence I asked you smell something then I said okay just check it out and then he said that I had a small infection. I got dressed again and I woke up.