I remember one dream.

I was in a weir store that looked like it should be closed because first almost nobody went there anymore and it also had a weird way of doing things which was you either paid for your things then or had then sent to another place for a pickup. I had a few things that was more than 100$ which I had and more and when I was asked whether I would pay or have it sent somewhere I said the name of a place and then said it was in Rimouski but then I realised it was idiotic so I said that I would pay for it now. Mom and dad was there and dad took my things except for one to put in the car. At the start I only was seeing mom and dad appeared towards the paying time then I did not saw mom again. When it was time to pay I was ashamed for some reason to have more than enough money so I was acting like I had none and then gave them cash which they found weird. A few seconds after being outside I found dad on the ground in pain trying to get up, I went there running then threw my bag on the ground and asked what was wrong and he said his left foot so gave in. I told him to stop moving it and called 911 then told him to just put it flat on the ground. Later after telling the responder what was going on and where we were I told him that I was told to lay the foot on the ground flat which is when he finally stopped moving it.