I remember two dreams.

My brother was in it and like usual he did not say nothing. I and him were helping animals get adopted and we helped a Dalmatian who was a puppy but close to adulthood get adopted. The person who adopted her was not looking for a pet but he fell in love with her. We demonstrated how loving she was and how well she listened (the only things to do to get her back was say her name or make a noise and she would come back). The man had a fence but with lots of holes so he said he would get it fixed but I told him that if he'd have it destroyed then have a wall of bricks it would cost less and after calculating he realised I was right and he decided to do that. In the meantime the Dog was looking everywhere in the house and out and was happy. Then he decided to change the floors to carpets so we looked at that. Maybe that person was a woman, I'm not too sure and maybe my parents or one of them were in the background or maybe it was other people or one other person but at least at one part there was someone else in the background.

I was in a movie directed by Angelina Jolie. We were in Africa filming it, it was a true story. One makeup artist hated that movie and I grabbed one of her brushes and I faced her showing it to her then said that if she did not stop I would shove it up her [censored]. An actor was there (looked like Tom Hardy) and he was angry at me because he liked that woman and I told him to not try anything because I was not afraid of men. The filming started again, it was a long scene and we would of finished it, after explaining what needed to be done (an actor had to lay near something and after with the effects it would be a grenade exploding) someone (Tom Hardy i think - yes it was him) complained it did not made sense and Angelina or someone else explained that this is what happened in real life then Tom laughed and mentioned a few things happening in the movie that were not true and every of those things were proven to him. Then I was somewhere else with wild animals and I had a Tiger with me and the makeup artist was saying that I would be mauled soon enough and she would enjoy it and I said that it would not happen because that Tiger was like a sweet Cat (i cannot recall what was going on there but a few people had a wild animal and there were fences all around us and in other places too).