I remember two dreams.

I had Coin Coin with me and made him fly behind mom and then put him on her. What else I remember from that dream is that we were walking in a huge house and we were lost I think.

I had moved without telling my parents. I was going from places to places trying to spend less money as possible. I was looking for a job and a place that was affordable. My parents at one point found me. They decided to move there. I had found a 500$ a week job and dad was going around telling everybody that. I was angry they had found me but then figured okay I can work that job and put a lot of money aside to make another getaway and make that one for real so I accepted it. I ended up at the end in a store with dad and I decided to come back walking but that decision was not entirely mine, he either wanted to come back home or go somewhere else and I wanted to go to another store while he was in one after we had gone in one together, I think we separated at a gas station, I also think he ended up picking me up.