I remember two dreams.

All I remember is that the toilet would not stop flushing with the water and I do not know if I finally did something about it but I do not that if I did it took a while, I also know others were around who were probably my parents and it was not a good presence whoever they were.

The Dallas Stars had made the Stanley Cup final and they were playing against the Pittsburgh Penguins. I was living in the Saint-Hubert house but some of it plus some of the surroundings were different. Also my brother was here and like always he did not speak. For some reason I had the television I have here plus a cheap one that was almost always not working properly and I was watching my game on that one. They were losing quite fast but not by a lot. I went in the kitchen to get some food there during commercials and dad was watching this so I did not miss anything. They scored a goal to cut the short margin and I screamed and jumped when that happened but shortly after I came back the other team scored and they kept scoring. By the end they lost by more than ten goals. I did not watch the rest and felt very bad about it, during that time my brother was next to me. Dad was acting like the Penguins was his team. The other match the Stars won by a bigger margin and since some of the players were acting like it was a first goal when they were crushing them the other night some did too, Antione Roussel even did a dance after a goal. It was hilarious. Also at some point which I think it was the second game or before the third I had a lot of frozen fries that were heated, mom ate some and asked me which ones I like best since there was two brands in there and I told her and she liked the other but wanted the ones I liked. I told her there was enough for two but she wanted other that she put in the oven and her plan was for me to take care of it because she was going with dad who was going to run errands, by that part the voice of Elmo came and he was not happy about her going and he wanted to come but she said no and then by the end he was saying after she said where they would go oh now he has to go get fuel at Shell and he said something else along those lines and she laughed and said yes probably. For the end my brother was not there.