I remember one dream.

A group of people (i know i was there by the end but at the start im not sure) woke up in a different place. The last to wake up was so tired that he did not realise it, he went straight to the bathroom to brush his teeth, ironically there were things that looked and felt like his own things and he used it. The others tried to tell him then looked at him with shock. It looked disgusting what he used to brush his teeth but he said that it tasted like food or a drink (cannot remember what he said). It was very dark. What I remember after he realised what was going on (perhaps nothing happened in between) is that they went up where it was not dark then either on the roof or outside. It was a city where almost all buildings and houses were near water, everything was abandoned and becoming ruins. But in the water there were many boats and even almost the same amount of planes in the air. I remember thinking maybe it could be doable living here unless it was someone else (maybe i was not there too).