I remember two dreams.

All I remember is that at one part or all of it had to do with the time I got up or and was getting up and mom said something about it (it may of been dreamed after the next 1).

We were back in the Saint-Hubert house and I asked for a certain restaurant when they went to run errands and I stayed to get some things ready. They came back and they had another restaurant and I said I asked for another and dad all angry said well I wanted to eat that (i wanted the other because we had not eaten any since moving from that city since there were none were we moved but his choice the second home that restaurant was available). Then soon after a neighbor told us smoke was coming out our car and in the dream our car was one of the two cars my brother had. We had lots of things in the car so we except dad who acted like it did not matter hurried outside, I said hurry and he said he was hungry. The neighbor and others were there, she said that it was close to the fence and that fence could set fire to her house. I opened the car trunk or it was opened or someone else opened it and the smoke was in just one area, I asked mom what she wanted and she was more busy crying over the car I said I know it is sad but we have to save at least some of the things. We did and it was the four musketeers and a few others which included Daisy and the sock monkey and I think one more. I thought well I will start again again and then started thinking of what I was planning when they were gone which was starting to take care of my feet with a thing and I decided to start it anyway. Then I said aloud (maybe before that) that the smoke was only in one place before the fire started which meant it was done on purpose while looking at the crowd, one man that was tall was looking very suspicious but the reason why how he reacted when I said that, I think I repeated it. This is all I remember.