I remember three dreams.

All I remember is being congratulated and being happy about it.

I woke up later than I should of and realised that I would be late to a dentist appointment. Where I lived was supposed to be Saint-Hubert I think because the dentist was the one I had while living there. I called and what I said changed a few times (ill be late because im sick - i did not remember when it was - i thought it was the next day because this is where i wrote it down in my agenda) at first the secretary said okay and then she calculated something and said that I owed 44$ because there were no twenty-four hours before the appointment (or she said another number) then I said it was not fair and after a few times of it changing she said that she had a place today later and I said okay so I did my morning routine then took the bus, another person was waiting and him too was late. I sat (that office was different than real life) and the secretary was looking at me and I too and she thought I was angry but I was either sick or acting sick. I got to see him and he only looked at my tongue and mouth which was screwed up thanks to antibiotics. He then looked at his schedule after we talked about things like me moving soon and he found me an appointment for a cleaning before that date but it was not with him, he apologised and said looking at me that he was not doing this because he was angry that it was the only room until I moved. I stayed in there a while after he left then I left again either really sick or acting, maybe a little sick and acting too.

I was watching a video or someone on television showing how to do sodas at home. I watched eventhough it did not interest me, I just wanted to see how it was done thinking it would be disgusting. He showed thick layers of something that was the color of Coke and Pepsi then a few layers that was white and put it in a food processor and he said that he would not show that since it would look disgusting but he showed it anyway, I did a grimace before and during but then when he took this out and put it in the soda machine it was not even crushed. It went on a little longer then I woke up.