I remember one dream.

I do not know if there was something else before (maybe the boy of later running away from home) but it was a bunch of people and someone with power or something was able to get into their brain and make them kill themselves, someone realised that if you put yourself in a crooked position he or it could not so everyone after he said it or screamed it hunched their back and neck. Me or someone could barely do it because it hurt. Finally (the same who realised and who also looked like Keanu Reeves) realised how to kill him or it and I think it happened or the threat just left. Then it was the man who looks like Keanu who saw the boy (teenager who looked like Leonardo DiCaprio) and he helped him get home where he showed how he got out. His home was a beautiful old big house and the man said something in awe and the boy said I only live in a room with my mom who works there, that room is part of her paycheck. Then in that room who was in an hallway but inside it looked like an haddock it was big and cluttered with stairs going down. The mom went down the stairs to change and a man was going there but he turned around when he realised what she was doing, it was the dad or step dad or another man who was demanding food and she said I cannot I have to go to one of my many jobs. She came out with a beautiful black and white dress and posed and she looked like an old actress. I think it ended there or soon after.