I remember three dreams.

All I remember is that Tori Spelling and her husband were in it.

Two people on Horses were traveling with prisoners and had to go to a jail, they were all tied to the same rope in two lines. One of the guards or whoever they were looked like Kevin Bacon and it may of been me. They arrived at a river that had strong current, they both went through it on their Horses but before they untied the prisoners, of course when they arrived the other side and turned around the prisoners had all escaped, at least the one that may of been me went back there and easily found at least two then at least one more and he had confidence to find the others too. Except the confident way he went through the first time I do not remember anything else.

I do not know if it was my own place or not but where I was showering was quite disgusting, it looked small and it was dirty and the soap were many soap bars all together and dirty too. But I did not want to skip my nightly showers (i think i took these during the day in that) so I washed there and with that soap which disgusted one other person. There was enough places to hang everything except my bathrobe so I stayed there and made pans until I found a way to put it there so it won't touch anything wet so it would dry too.