I remember two dreams.

I know at one point I or someone else added things that we find in tower defense games, it was added at least in the entrance of a house and it was two and one was glue and then soon after either I or the person who added it regretted it but it was something that was a lot of money with already many upgrades so it would of been stupid to sell. Before that or after a man was going to go somewhere by foot in a snowstorm and his girlfriend or wife or fiance tried to stopped him and he said that was what you wanted and she said that they would be over if he did it or and before she said that he would die of coldness which he I think ignored. Other people were around and I think something was going on where everyone of those people were participating. It was a forest but the right it was the right of the Saint-Hubert yard and the neighbor was there and the street was there too with the houses that were there too. The man started walking and was about or he had reached the front neighbor but he had a hard time because of the wind, snow and cold. I think it ended there or the start happened.

I was going to cook a fried egg but broke the egg only in one place and I was told it would break but I did not think so because the last times or time I cooked some I broke the egg or eggs like that and it did not break but it did break, I cooked it anyway sad because I wanted a yolk that was runny but I did not want to waste the egg.