I remember two dreams.

I was watching something and it was about the Titanic. They were explaining the different deaths of these people and it did not really made sense most of it. They showed what was supposed to be a replica of that boat and it was not, one of the death was supposed to be some of them being sucked into drains and they showed a big room of wood and the drain was a hole in the middle on the floor also of wood. Some deaths made sense and they showed parts of the movie but when the boat sank it was different like Rose talking under water and sinking almost at the bottom of the sea.

I was in the Saint-Hubert house and we had as a guest the Backstreet Boys. My parents were there too and at one point she asked me to close my computer but it was closed because I had gotten up and I opened it like I always do when getting up and she was mad but did not do and say anything. Before that we were in the kitchen and by look and touch me and Nick had decided to have sex and we went to my bedroom and had sex (soon after we started a second single bed appeared and the though of putting these together to make a double bed was there but we did not do it and when we woke up only my bed was there and we were on it), maybe mom's attitude was because of this. Only the yard and one of our neighbor I remember besides that but why I do not recall.