I remember three dreams.

I got a Cockatoo. I did not tell my family. Never saw dad but mom was there and also at at least one part my brother was there, he was young and like usual did not talk. It was the first day so I let the Cockatoo in the cage to get used to me and the surroundings. The house was the Saint-Hubert house but it was bigger, some parts was like we were on a boat. What I think was the second day so first full day after I woke the Cockatoo up he or she went on the floor of the cage and got on the cage and went to the bathroom but nothing was coming out, I could see the Bird trying to go so I decided to look elsewhere to not make him or her shy to help. My brother was there next to the cage and kept looking at the Bird then me. There were seeds next to where he or she was trying to go. I then cleaned the floor of the cage, changed the seeds and water then talked to mom telling her about the bathroom trouble and then I was wondering what fresh fruit or vegetable I would give the Cockatoo. Mom had no idea so I decided to change each day then I decided to start with strawberries which the Cockatoo devored. I was talking to him or her when he or she was eating the strawberries. There's a few things that I do not remember but at the end or towards the end the Cockatoo was on me, I was scared at first but not the Bird so I stopped being scared.

Britney Spears was in it. Her tummy was not flat but not toned either and she said that at the point in her life she could not do anything about it and it seems that every human being were proud of her. She kept doing shows and stuff like that and she was completely dead in the eyes just like in real life.

Celine Dion was giving an interview with Naomi Campbell outside when something about fashion inside was going on or had happened or was going to happen. The interviewer or her had an idea to go farther with Naomi and both act like they were posing and also doing a music video and the interviewer would act this way too to finish the interview which is what happened.