I remember three dreams.

All I remember (maybe it was just that) is that I was near a baby animal and he or she had already long nails and I was impressed by that, I know also someone who was an expert with that animal was there and perhaps at least someone else. I also at one point or more held the baby and I was told to be careful and I said I know or something like that and nothing bad happened.

I thought I had won the lottery, I looked at every numbers and every were correct but for the last I had a 41 and it was a 40, then I wanted to know what having these numbers would pay and I could not figure out. I do not remember if that was enough or I won something else or it did like it does sometimes which is rewind and start again but turns out I had enough to spend a year in Dallas and have Stars season tickets (i said i would do that when checking the numbers - my parents were there too when that happened). I went to an American ambassy and the woman said what I needed after I told her where I wanted to go and for how long and why but one of the things were my school reports and I said I only had the last one and she said while shaking her head that I needed all since first grade and perhaps kindergarden (unless im the 1 who mentioned that). I then went to the high school where I passed the last year and asked if they still had these on their files then went to the primary school or perhaps it was my next step and the dream stopped before.

We were in the Saint-Hubert house but the surroundings were like swamps almost. Mom asked me what was the sign when Cobras had babies and I told her and she grimaced saying the one where she loved to walk would have two unless it was already done, I then said well you will not go walk today and she said yes and then said that she would not be alone. Then what I remember is seeing Toby a Golden Retriever I know and I went outside and he was very happy to see me, he was on something and then went down to where I was. That is all I remember besides a lot of people being there too (maybe that was it too).