I remember five dreams.

The first was dreamt yesterday or another day; I remembered it then forgot it again until this morning after I woke up. I either forgot to do my morning routine in the bathroom or I had to hurry, yes I forgot it then I tried to do at least one part and then I tried to convince myself it was like I had done it when I was supposed to. I was greatly affected by that.

I was at a race track that would have a Formula One race. Shumi was there and at first I thought it was an imposter but turns out it was him. I was excited when I first saw him, I'm the one who realised it was him. His face was a little bit thinner than it used to and a little bit his body too but that was it for the changes. He was very nice. I do not remember how the conversation with him turned to the sport but I told him that I did not liked it anymore, that I did not even think it was a sport anymore. He asked why and I told him it was due to all the regulations and things like that. I was careful when I told him because he looked heartbroken when I said that I did not liked Formula One anymore. I do not remember what he said about the sport but I understood it and started to like it again. He was dressed as a pilot and then he went in a car. I do not remember if there was something else after. I do remember people being with me but I never saw them, I did not really liked them I think so I think it was my parents.

I wanted to masturbate but things and or people kept me from doing it. Finally I had a few moments to myself and did it quickly and silently.

I was combing my hair who had many knots so it was difficult and I was wondering why I had so many knots in my hair.

Mom asked me if I saw a certain Bird so I looked. It was feeders and cages we or one of my parents or both had put in a big tree (at first we could watch from our house that did not look like any place we have lived and also the yard too but then we were outside - i think dad was there too). The tree had grown a lot so the feeders and cages were mostly hidden by the leaves so it was hard to see. I did see a Bird and I said yes that's is the Bird. Then I saw a bigger one and I thought it was an Owl which he was the size of but he had colors of a Parrot. There was also two Cockatiels there and I think other Birds. One of the Cockatiel was in a closed cage which I opened after talking to the big Bird but I was scared of him, not because of his size but because he had ticks or something like that on him. I asked the people near me if Owls ate peanuts and I was told probably so I picked one and he wanted it so I threw it and he ate it so I threw another one and probably others but I think those I gave it to him not threw. The Cockatiel wanted to be close but she was too scared, the other was like a wild Bird. The shy one finally flew and came on an arm of mine because she was too scared of the big Bird. I whistled to the other or another Bird but she flew away and the other Bird never replied. That tree actually looked a little bit like a toy tree house for little people I had when young, I kept it and used it sometimes as decoration, the house we were living too makes me think of that.