I remember two dreams.

I was starting my night routine and when getting things ready in the bathroom dad decided to get up and he of course went straight to his television. Mom too was up but she at first wanted to go to the bathroom then she decided to stay up too. I was furious because now it seemed that he wanted to be up all day long or at least when I was to always push my buttons. The house was a little different but it was this one here.

I was in Saint-Hubert in our house there and with them. I was watching Rafael Nadal against Roger Federer, it was this year not years ago. Ralfie was winning and I was excited, mom did not care and dad was angry. Before that match two of our family members or one had come in without knocking and they left them or her or him in to visit and after the first set a group of them did the same thing, mom had said to dad to never let them happen again and like real life he ignored what she wanted and let them him all happy. They went straight to the kitchen and were all speaking loudly and some even went in front of the television. I went upstairs during commercials, in real life I did not have a television in my bedroom (there was 1 in my brothers bedroom) but in the dream there was so I watched it there but soon after I was in my bedroom younger people from my family entered. Ralfie won and after I received a call or called someone and was invited to a party. I changed to a dress and a gorgeous young man picked me up, I followed him outside and he had a nice sports car. A lot of renovation and construction was going on in the streets and maybe at least one house but not ours but our driveway was with holes and things on it. He opened the passenger door for me and I was blown away by being with a hot man and his car.