I remember five dreams.

All I remember is that again there was a small animal.

I was in a house that looked like the Saint-Hubert house. The four musketeers were there but I do not remember if Daisy was also there. There was a small hammock with a few other stuffed animals and I did not want to take any because of all the others I lost (unless that never happened in that dream so another reason) but then I did and I then decided to have one per day and only focus on them but I had remorse about the foursome and how long I will be without taking any of them. I think other things or something else happened but if so I cannot recall.

I do not know if I was there but at the end it felt like it was happening to me. A group of people were on an isolated island with a harsh climate. They were living well but then they started missing water and other things slowly, they knew they would all die so some of them decided to go and then come back with supplies, it was dangerous and they probably would die but they would die anyway. The wind was strong and the waves were huge. After a long walk a climb was supposed to happen but for some reason there was lots of shells of mostly Mussels and it became higher and higher, most abandoned that climb except one who just started moving the shells with his hands and one that was alive bit a finger (this is when i felt it) and he broke the shell then killed the animal but it would not let go of his finger (before doing that he decided to keep going like nothing was going on). He knew he would die of infection so he decided to keep going until he arrived where he was supposed to go or he could not go on.

All I remember is that I was in a small place with lots of things around, Gordon Ramsay and a few other people were there. Something scary was there and he calmed everyone down by saying what it was but I did not understand what he said so I said what and he repeated and I still did not get it, either then or when I saw that it was a Bat and I said aloud it is a Bat he looked at me like I was crazy or something. That may not of been only that.

I was in a big place and it looked like I was in a map. I was either traveling or going to or thinking about it. I ended up in a store where they were selling Eminem things, I had been there once before and this time I spotted him, I said aloud wow Eminem is there and looked away because I did not want to bother him plus I was overwhelmed. He saw me and smiled, I picked two things and then we ended up talking (i think mom was there at 1 point - i also saw that he was hairy which shocked me and i kept for a while coming back to that in my head) or when I said that my dream was to (the conversation started before i started talking) drive long times and even do it by walking (when it was going on that talk it is when it really looked like we were in a map).