A dream came back to me.

Mom told me that someone had found something in Ste-Florence that was worth a lot of money and she told me where. I said no way, before we moved from there I had dreams of that place and that it had something that was worth a lot of money there, I did not go and checked it out since I did not know exactly where it was and it could of been just a dream. She looked at me like I was insane but also like she was not surprised because I was stupid. I tried to ignore that but I either did something or and said something else and she again looked at me like that (perhaps saying something or just saying something) and that was it for me. I started by putting back my things in a box or a luggage that was almost completely unpacked and she said something sarcastic and I screamed something then I followed her because she was moving without any feelings and I looked in her eyes and said aloud or screamed that she never loved me, that she never loved my brother or anyone else so that losing me was nothing. Then I told her that she would die very slowly with dad someone who never loved her, who always mocked her in private and in public and someone who did not care about her suffering and that since she was insane she would love it like she always loved it. By then some moisture was forming in her eyes and I started enjoying it. I think it ended there.