I remember two dreams.

All I remember (may of been only it but with some things missing) is that two people (looked like Elaine from Seinfeld and Phil from The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air) were in a subway and they or one of them said to someone else or and each others they were going to help or and save animals and then they looked at each others and one said the queen or something with the queen which was a stop and the other or someone else said yes and they got up to exit the subway.

I was in one of the bedrooms of the Saint-Hubert house, I also wanted to listen to music and dance but without anyone seeing me so I closed the shade and curtain but a crack remained so I made a plan to get everything from the window closed. Then I made sure nobody would enter after mom did and I screamed that I was changing and was able to hide behind a computer chair (i was naked - screamed that with an Elmo voice) she apologized then left. After I was sure nobody would see me and could enter I decided to masturbate (maybe had that idea when naked but was not doing it yet im sure) so I was wondering how and why and then I decided to take a rope from a bathrobe and made believe I was kidnapped and then I went on the floor in a cross position then made believe a kidnapper was putting a vibrator on the outside and leaving it there well after I had an orgasm then repeated another way I think.