I remember three dreams.

All I remember is that at one part there was a motel or hotel.

I was living in what looked an abandoned apartment building in I think Russia. It was disgusting but it did have water and electricity. My apartment was clean. I was disgusted everytime I went back there but when inside my apartment I was okay. It was also the people living there that was disgusting. Sometimes they would put their panties out to dry after washing them but some remained dirty like it was not even washed. I had a Dog which remained me that when I went back there I was not living there I went to an apartment of a friend and the Dog was there, he barked when I entered and stayed where he was but came when I talked to him. He was huge. I gave him treats that he had trouble finding.

I was living with my parents but that place had a small house or apartment detached to the house which was my place. When the dream started I had spent the night in the big house. Mom or dad spotted outside a cute animal that looked like a Ferret then there were a few more. One of them or both threw some food out for them and then got at least one inside the house. I said to be careful because eventhough they were cute they were wild animals but it went okay. They seemed to like me from the moment they saw me and after playing with them a while I decided to bring them to the small house. I went outside and they followed me. I went inside and they followed me. There was a room that had a second bed that was mostly pillows and stuff on the floor so I figured that would be a nice place for their room but I thought if one of some or all wanted to sleep with me it would be okay. After showing them the place I then thought what about food and I mentioned at least one thing to one and he or she seemed excited so this is what I made. I figured I would let them out at least once a day and if they wanted to come back they would.