I remember two dreams.

Michael Schumacher was still trying to recover from his accident, I somehow was able to find how he truly was, he was not brain damaged, someone who I think was a doctor or surgeon explained how he fell and what happened and then he explained that if he had fell another way that he would of been brain damaged. Then I saw him (i was not there) sitting on a bed and when he was alone he was able to move his right hand, he called someone by moving his head to the left which hit a button. When someone came in he could not move it again but he was trying to say what had happened with his head, soon after he moved his hand again, that person was excited. The doctor was called and he kept getting better. Before all that happened when he was alone he was crying.

I arrived at a town with a Horse (i think something else happened before). That dream looked like a western movie and it was set at that time. I was warned to turn around, that it was dangerous but I did not (told why - cannot remember what i said + many other things). At first I put my Horse where the others tied the Horses but I looked around and saw a pasture (no grass but it was a big enough place) and I told my Horse that soon i would put him there which I did (again cannot recall what happened in between). The next thing I remember was being in a I think bar or store or restaurant, I had the man working there by a knife but it was make believe, I wanted to kill another man who threatened someone else important to me if I did not kill that man, we were going to the door and I stopped then, the man said by gestures that I had to kill him and I could not, he took the knife and I think he slit his own throat. That is all I can remember besides looking at my Horse through the open window, he was having fun running in the enclosure.