I remember three dreams.

There was a pedophile ring. I actually saw what these monsters were doing (some of it anyway - mostly saw the grooming and how they started to make the kids either like it or and make believe it was ok) and one woman looked like me but I know it was not me because I was the one who caught them but I woke up before I could do anything about it.

All I remember (it may of been just it) is that a man or teenager put a long blanket on the ground to skate or bike on it, he was doing stunts and there was a reason for it and after trying it out (do not remember why but it was explained in the dream) he was happy and said it was like he thought it would be.

That was short thankfully since a Hockey player I hate was in it. It was the star of the Capitals (cannot correctly spell his last name) and that team, something happened to either him or one of his teammate during a game and I got happy about it then got verbally attacked by their fan.