I remember three dreams.

All I remember is that a red blanket was given and the person or people (or maybe it was for my 4 musketeers - it was not me who got it that im sure of) who received it were not totally happy about it.

I knew the Dallas Stars players. The fans and other people did not liked me and thought I would ruin their season but the players liked me and they rarely if at all lost. I was very close to them and I think I was on the bench for the games.

I do not remember why but a neighbor or just a woman (she looked like a character on Everybody Loves Raymond - the woman he hates i think her name is Penny) to thank mom she gave her a big glass (the ones for beers) of grape juice to mom, she drove to our back porch and then either knock or rang or mom opened the door before she did that (i was there when that happened i think). But she kept coming with the same glass and always filled with grape juice and also always on the back. Everytime mom was in the kitchen and the curtains were not closed so she could not act like she was not home because the woman saw her.