I remember two dreams.

I was running errands with my parents. Like in real life they were making things stressful and despite being several hours before closing time and not having anything else to do and driving to a place we did not go often we had to hurry and then dad or and mom said that the next time we would be able to take our time and when of course when we went back it was not the case and they or he or she was able to freak out because in one of the stores that we were supposed to finish in but we started there I was looking for something I got the last time which I loved.

I was in the Saint-Hubert house, my parents were not there at least for the dream but my brother and a friend of his was (that friend never saw before so it was for the dream). I do not really remember much of what I was doing (was i working or living there alone or what) but I went to my bedroom to relax or and make food and then they entered despite my door being closed I told them to leave and perhaps something else, my brother asked my friend to sit and they finally got out but my brother talking (he had a different voice there) is actually as far as I remember the first time he has spoken in a dream of mine.