I remember two dreams.

I do not know if I was there but it was a huge movie theatre and before the movie started the stars appeared and they talked while the crowd was going crazy then they or someone else talked about a contest that had to do with five (i think) other movies or other showings, cannot really recall but some people would be called or everyone then big tickets would be given or had to be given to be seen if it was winners. One of the woman holding the tickets while others would take it apart told a man that he had to take it when he was walking away after, she also had a few trouble with this all.

A woman who looked like Dakota Johnson was living on her own in an apartment and she had to go for the first time interview a man (the 1 in the 50 shades of grey movies) she was trying to take a shower and get clothes and her stuff, she had had a threesome with two men and these three would do that often and were best friends. At least one conversation that I do not recall happened. She got to her interview and she had troubles with it, the man asked if it was her job and she said no I have no idea why they sent me here to do that. Then she went back home and said to the two men (i think they did not live there) that it was over, she often mentioned the rich man, one of the men took it well and not the other and he said what are you in a relationship with him already or something like that and she said no but I know I will marry him one day. Then she was in Jurassic Park which was bigger than all those movies, she was with the two main characters of the last movie, they were walking or moving where water was, at the right it was like that water would not stop and it had Dolphins, I do not recall the conversations. It ended in like a grotto or something with Chris Pratt and her and he asked about her problems and she explained it all.