I remember one dream.

Me and my parents were living in a weird place. Outside there were stairs of stones leading to a park or somewhere else that was fun to walk but it was Winter or the end of it and there was ice on it and mom in her condition kept going there anyway despite knowing she should wait for the ice to melt. She was careful and it would go okay but I was looking out a window and saw her go there and she fell, before that happened I either was worrying or and annoyed or and furious. It looked like it was going to be okay when she was falling but the moment she landed I knew it was bad, she immediately called for dad who was there and he went to her super slowly not really caring. I arrived as fast as I could and dad went back up the stairs leaving her there, she said it was an ankle and I got her in my arms. She was in pain but it was not showing. I went up the stairs and dad was supposed to get the car. I knew it was urgent to go to the hospital.