I remember two dreams.

I do not recall if something else happened before but it was a young woman who loved sports car and she was amazed with a yellow Lamborghini that ended up in the store of her dad and he said that she could drive it around the store and she said that it would destroy the store and he said to not worry about it so she did and she was having so much fun that she was smiling ear to ear and screaming of joy. She parked the car right where the counter was and her dad told her to drive on it and she said that she could not because it would break and he said to go ahead that it did not matter and she did and at the end of the counter when the car fell off the car was damaged and she felt very bad for it and again her dad told her to not worry and she said that she just destroyed a beautiful car that it was awful to do that. During all that time there were customers and probably also employees.

Sebastian Vettell was in trouble for something ridiculous. They were showing in on television and people including dad who was in the same room as me were talking against him and I said with an annoyed voice oh sure give him (a word that is censored here) while others like Lewis Hamilton (cannot believed even in the dream that i did not mentioned Jacques Villeneuve) and Fernando Alonso can do and say anything then get away with it. I think that was it.