I remember one dream.

This had three actors (the 2 from Dumb and Dumber and the woman who played the girl in Interview With The Vampire). The man who is not Jim Carrey was kidnapped and the other was worried sick, the one who kidnapped him was the woman. He was kept in a bathtub and he was blinded, I do not know if that was permanent or not but he had bandages on his eyes and he was left alone there and he did not try to take the bandages off. He sat up then put his head on the window that was not locked, he opened it a little and was trying to listen. He was going to try to get out but he heard something and he knew it was her coming back (at least once during that time it switched to the other worried sick) so he closed the window and layed back in the bath. She came in and he was acting like he was sleeping or knocked out, she laughed and took some toilet water which made him move but then he was Coin Coin (my stuffed duck that survived the fire) and he whined and then started to hit her with his beak and she continued to laugh, when Coin Coin stopped he looked at himself and one wing had something that was black on it and he tried to get it off. It ended there or a little after.