I remember two dreams.

That came back while writing the other one (the part about where i lived - the city made me think of it) but all I remember is me looking around or an walking in a new city, looking mostly at houses.

I was somewhere in Africa and all I remember about that is that I was there for quite a long time. Before a coup or something happened there (saw myself shop and eat and have fun before that happened) I somehow knew in advance so I was able to go before it all happened but I told a man I became friend with and he brought his family with him and I. I do not remember much of our gateway except that twice we had to jump and in one place it was red almost like Mars. We finally ended up where I live which was British Columbia, before going to my home I showed him the surroundings, we ended up on a beautiful beach and behind we could see the city and far we could see mountains with snow and the snow and cold was where the city was and on the beach it was hot. I told him smiling what a change it is from where you were and he said yes I cannot believe that this is for real while looking everywhere.