I remember four dreams.

I found somewhere we used to go often when me and my brother was young a lot of things from my childhood, things I even forgot about. We were living in Saint-Hubert when that happened, dad was working and my brother was not there. I asked if I could come back later to get these things, to look at it more carefully and mom said yes (never seen the man who owns the garage when these things were found in the dream - in real life my family cut contact with him before the 2000s). I was supposed to go there a certain day but that day I said I would not go, did not feel like it plus there was a lot of wind. The plan was to get most in the recycle bin, I figured that a big garbage bag would do the trick but I wanted dad to come pick me up because I did not want to take the subway then bus with this. Then my plan was to go to a movie either before or after getting there and decide what I would keep or not. A lot of it were books, a lot of those books were activity books, I had lots of fun looking through them especially since I could not remember having those, some even came from school.

A man was working with kids for a show that were for a church. It was not going very well and after a few failed days with the kids he went to see the head of that church who was with someone else higher ranked in that religion to be able to change the show, that he would get a good show. I do not remember if it was him or the others that said that but it was said that he would pay for it if it was a failure then one of them said that it was 100$ per kid and he said okay eventhough he did not have that money. The man who was doing the show looked like Sylvester Stallone and one of the kids Bart Simpsons but he was not like the cartoon just gave the impression it was the human version of him.

I or someone who looked like me wanted to be alone and dance to a Britney Spears song but she or I kept the door to the room opened and someone else that was either an enemy or someone who wanted to do the same thing or there was a reason why that dance should be done like a contest came by, I or the woman knew in advance so by the time the woman walked by to go to the opposite room there was just singing along and moving a little bit.

I heard mom said she was going to sleep eventhough she had gone out of bed not a long time before that.