I remember two dreams (may of been 1 instead and im not sure of the order it may of been reversed).

I was in what seemed a camp with others (i think it was just with girls or and women) and at the end before it ended a woman who was the one mainly (or only) taking care of the group I was in was talking to us and was talking about the vote every year the campers were taking of who was their favorite counsellors and she was sad and said that every year it was not taking seriously but they received money for most votes and she explained how she was in trouble and she asked of us to vote for her. I got up and stood by her (i had a glass with me that i was drinking and brought it with me) and at the same time or almost the same time another girl followed me. I was not popular and made fun of, the other it was either the same or one who bullied me or someone I did not liked. One by one the others stood with her in promising to vote for her and she was so happy. That is all I remember.

A man from BuzzFeed or maybe something like that had to decorate a place for Christmas. I ended up there too and he was complaining not because of the work but because he hated that holiday and that made me happy because I hated (in real life i do too) it too and I think I told him. It was like a store but it was not a store I think. I also think I got scared of spiders at one point and if so I am not sure if it was because there was or not and if it was from when I arrived there or not.