I remember two dreams (the last could of been the ending of the first).

That dream changed a lot and I do not remember a lot and the start I have no idea if it had anything to do with what I remember. A bank was about to be robbed and a man from the group who would do it went to it saying that he wanted to maybe open an account there. He waited until he could meet someone and then he said he was new to the area and was checking every banks, he also mentioned he was rich and said how he became rich and said that he was careful because of this. They gave him a tour of the bank and without anybody noticing he was looking where the cameras were and where the locks were plus the brands of the cameras and locks. He opened an account I think before leaving. When the bank was robbed it either there changed people who were robbing or and that happened when the visiting happened. I remember chasing happened after the stealing but that is it.

All I remember is that Baron Trump was kidnapped and I was there too and when he was discovered he was screaming to get me help because I was seriously hurt.