I remember one dream.

A Cow and her baby had somehow managed to escape a group of Cows that were going to bed killed and I found them, they were sweet and after I petted the mom she kept asking to be pet. I asked my parents to move to a place where there would be a place for them and dad or and mom and or both said it would cost too much (just remembered dad talking about higher taxes) so I said that I would give them the 40000$ I had in that dream and dad said that it would not be enough and before I mentioned other provinces being less costly and he laughed and said well what about me who doesn't speak English and I said New Brunswick is more French than Quebec and he said no so I said I would leave and they did not believe me and I went to get the money and some things then I left and the two Cows followed me. I found a place in a forest and I stayed in a tent that had a small wood stove and it was big enough for them to enter if too cold then I started to build them a shelter with wood, I used way too many nails and wood but I had no idea how to do it, when I woke up a whole wall was done and it looked like it would hold (it seemed to with the other wall or and start of roof).