I remember one dream.

I was in a train with who used to be my best friend and we were in high school which is where we met. We were on a train going somewhere with the rest of the classes of at least our grade year. I was close to the window and she did not want me to, I somehow got splashed on by something so I got up to dry myself and she followed me. A teacher was there or arrived there and one of them or both thought I was sick, I was sick or I went with it. The teacher sent me somewhere to lay down and then she would find something to eat for me, she mentioned one thing then said it would not work thanks to my nut allergy despite that not having any nuts. I do not know if it was at the destination or still in the train but I went with my friend in a big room that had at least a bed and I started to freak out soon because the window was opened and there were lots of wind so I was scared for my eyes which I was protecting with my hands then I saw big spiders or and webs. I think someone else arrived when I was freaking out, she (my friend) tried to help me leave but I kept my hands over or close to my eyes and panicking.