I remember four dreams.

All I remember is that there were food that maybe looked bizarre, it was a full meal, I was there and others too, we were near a big building.

My clothes were for some reason high, the house looked a little at least like the Saint-Hubert house, mom was there at one point and I had given her at least one piece of clothe before that and I think I regretted it by missing this or these, this is all I remember.

Mom decided to clean the walls of my bedroom (did not looked at all like 1 i have had and the 1 i have now) and she mostly cleaned the one where the head of my bed is but I had a air mattress and she was on it, finally I saw a hole and when I said that some air was getting out she finally stepped off it. I decided not to even try to repair it after a few seconds of looking for other holes and got rid of it saying that I will start sleeping on my normal bed which was right under it but then I changed my mind because I did not want to do that then, so I decided to sleep on the broken air bed and then looked at others to buy another air bed.

It was like the It story but different. The clown had kind of decided to retire but the kids were adults and they were in a jail. At least one knew what was up but he said that at least it had stopped so he could live like that. Two of them looked like actors (1 from An American Warewolf in London and the other plays Morpheus) but under the toilets there were buckets with disgusting food and when in there they received pieces of papers that appeared in front of them and had to pick that thing in there and eat all, if not they would be tortured, the man who plays Morpheus saw that first and remembered everything, he got out and asked for a beating and the guards looked at each others and beat the ones who were not in that room yet, he went back there thinking that at least these did not have to go through that anymore.