I remember two dreams.

All I remember is that Tucker Carlson was in it.

Me and my parents were moving, it was not very soon but they were dragging like we had a lot of time to waste. I really wanted to move to another province and I picked the one closest that also had French people for dad, we were there visiting. We went in a shopping mall and I was taking my time despite them not wanting too, they came out first but were waiting for me. Then what I remember is me starting to walk there with a backpack, I encountered someone who was waiting for someone in trouble or he was in trouble or someone would be in trouble or he would be in trouble, he talked and I answered while walking and then I stopped then started to walk slowly because I did not want to be impolite then I was walking normally again when I was sure he was not talking again. I arrived at a town which I could see from up a small mountain but it was on fire and I was disappointed because this is the town I wanted to move to, before or after that I found a job on a train and I was so happy that I almost could not stop thanking whoever gave that job to me. There was a Dog that was scared on the train and nobody wanted to come close because they were scared but I did and soon he would not let me go so I sat down with him. This is what I remember.