I remember two dreams.

All I remember is that an old man was on trial or just in front of a judge in a courtroom.

Tom Cruise was about to have sex (i think there might have been something else before) and he kept trying on condoms and throwing all on the floor, he was under blankets and the woman was next to the bed or next to him, she was starting to think that the problem was him not having an erection but it was him trying to find a lubed condom, he got one but threw it out and this is when he realised it was what he was looking for so he said to the woman that he got it and put one like it back on. They had sex for a long time and he left soon after with a huge smile on his face (by that time he was looking more like Tom Hanks). Someone was going up with a huge bag and when she saw that the elevator was coming she hid (nobody was there and i think nobody was supposed to - it was a huge building with almost if not more than 100 floors). When she saw who it was she started to film. He left after a while, it looked like he knew something was wrong but he was still happy. She pushed the 63 (or more than 60) button when she got in the elevator after he left (he also stayed in front of the elevator after coming out). She kept saying aloud and thinking that she got him and also in the same time I could saw both having sex but her looking straight in a hidden camera but it also looked like she did not know it was there. At one point she saw that someone after the twentieth floor asked for the elevator and she pushed the bag the fartest from the door and she tried her best acting normal, after someone entered I do not remember anything.