I remember three dreams (the last may of been with the second).

I was about to go out of this room but I decided to use a clitoris sex toy first, it fell down and I let it there but it gave me a vaginal orgasm. I talked about it to at least one person, that is all I remember (it was probably just that).

I was alone for at least a day. I do not remember exactly but I left the house (it was in Saint-Hubert so that house) to go get them or maybe for another reason and we ended up coming back more than a day later. I was angry because I had missed my night and morning routine then I saw the four musketeers along with the two others that were on a sofa under a blanket so I felt bad for them, mom was near me then and I think she is the one who got them up.

The sock monkey I in real life made was there and his bow came almost off, mom said she will get another one but the one she got was ugly on him so she let go of that idea then to put back his bow she took out one of the numerous that I lost in a fire, I used to call him No Name because got him when young and nobody ever gave him a name until decades later, I felt awful when I saw him and felt more awful when she used him to practice for the sock monkey (Ceasar [sp] is his name) but I said nothing and left.