I remember one dream.

I do not remember much and it was a ridiculous dream. Christian Bale was there and in a small amusement part, one of the rides had to do with the Terminator movies so he went in it and rode it for the people (at the back there was a wheel - that thing was small and only moving in place) someone outside with a microphone was asking who was the terminator and one person in the ride who I think was his child said him while pointing at him, he was not happy but played the part and the man with the microphone or someone else said of course he's in the movie. Then it turned (other things happened before what i wrote but cannot recall it except that i saw the park and people walking in it and stuff) into a man who his child was kidnapped, he was on the phone outside with 911 and was holding food that he just got for him and his family and threw it while telling the operator that all that wasted time was against his child. He hung up and someone went to him and after a short talk gave him the keys to his car. He then went after but before he went back inside where two men who was part of the kidnap was holding people hostage, when that was done one of the men was still alive so he went to him and asked where his daughter was and the criminal answer that he did not know so the man took a box cutter and asked again and the man laughed it up since there were cops around but when he started cutting nobody stopped him, after a very short time where he screamed (lines appeared out of nowhere on a leg before the cutting stared) he screamed where the kid was. I think that dream stopped there.