I remember two dreams.

A war was going on and I was able to keep moving without being killed. I was moving in a forest really fast, sometimes bombs were dropped there but I could get past it. I was not the only one moving from there. At one point I heard a man screaming if someone knew or had a connection with Somalia, I stopped then said that I knew someone from there (had either met him or helped him) I was given something that was put in a paper bag that looked like the McDonald's bags and was told to go back and give to it and he told me. I saw in the dream what happened and it was someone dying that was important somehow but in the dream technically I did not but somehow I knew it was important so I did it, some time during my run (bombs kept exploding around and bullets flying) other people had bags like mine but it had nothing to do with what I was doing. I ended up in place that looked like the Saint-Hubert house, there were many people there and it was a big place. Someone mentioned that now Mastercards did not work anymore and I said how come I just used mine, others were concerned about that too. Then it was said it was because had bought a missile and I had a look of guilt and finally told a woman that it was me and she turned me in and I knew she would so I went upstairs to change but I could not get away. A man that looked like one of the commanders that invaded the United States in the original Red Dawn was there but this is either what I remember or it ended there.

It was like The Leftovers with most of the actors and actresses in it. Something had happened and many people were dead but they had not disappeared they remained there. I was getting most of the sauce from pizza slices and got the cheese back but left the peperoni when something happened and then the people who were dead came back to life and asked others to join which some did and I was sure they would be asked to kill themselves but it did not. A song was playing at some point. This is all I remember but I think this may of been it, the place it happened I think was Australia but I'm sure it was outside Canada and the United States.