I remember one dream.

Twins were in jail and were about to be released. They were acting like angels in jail but not a lot of people were buying it. They were violent jail robbers. A woman was saying that she was waiting for them with the stolen money they said was gone but also two twin dwarf women were saying they were going to marry them when they will come out, the men were saying that was what was true. The two women gave an interview and they were asked why them, one said that her twin was gorgeous after saying the classic they were not like people think they are, the other though hers was more gorgeous and the one who started to speak said that he had had a few plastic surgeries (botox) and that had left just enough wrinkles to make him perfect physically, the other twin did not say anything she was smiling like nope mine is more gorgeous. They looked different but that one she talked about was more gorgeous, that was also my opinion (must of been watching that in my dream - heard myself thinking but did not see myself).