I remember two dreams.

I checked what movies was going to show and I saw Batman Begins and then The Dark Knight. I had not seen Batman Begins in a long time and I would of been doing nothing by then but it started in less than an hour and I barely had enough time to make lots of food, it was showing on a commercial channel so it would of lasted longer, I did not want to arrive there after it had started and I also did not want to leave during the showing. But I kept doing other things instead of making food and then checking the times thinking I was wasting time. I watched it, the start was Bruce in that jail but it was different, he was a psychopath in it and everyone was scared of him because he kept killing people. Finally at the end him and someone else he was fighting with were being dragged naked (he had tattoos in that dream and almost fat) and he was angry about that because that time it was self defense which he mentioned. The next thing is that he was on his cell (first they got shackled i think together) and he was looking around and eventhough it was dirty and his bed was a wood plank he did not mind. Then he saw feet and it was the same in the movie who comes to get him, they talked I woke up or stopped dreaming this.

There was a hurricane and a grocery store was where a rescue center was created. I think people were staying there but it was mostly or all animals brought there. Also supplies kept coming in and people were shopping there, they could also donate and feed the animals. There were a Pig that was so sweet there and also a small Monkey, they had done their best to make him comfortable. I saw the Pig first. For the Monkey I said that they did their best but I asked where he would go after and a woman told me that someone would adopt him, that person had a huge yard and he would go there with a secure cage that would go very high and he would have lots of toys and food and interections. I said well this is not the wild but at least he will be in a better place than a zoo or a circus. I do not remember if anything else happened.