I remember one dream.

What I remember (maybe that was it) is that I was outside in what looked like Newfoundland or a place like that and that night apparently when the full moon would appear all the water where the beach is would go away for a long distance. I did not really believed it but replied when someone said it that I knew. I was there and it actually happened and I decided to go walk where the water was, I did not know when the water would come back and I had the impression it would come back fast but I went walking pretty far, I turned around and went for big rocks and when I was on top of some the water was coming back but I kept walking slowly like everything was okay. The water did not come over the rocks I was on, I climbed down in the water and thankfully it was only to my thighs and I walked back on the beach. Others were near me and I stayed calm. Having water in my rain boots was not fun but at least I was alive plus it was not as bad which shocked me. I ended up walking on a street that was near the beach (by that time it looked like i was on the left of the Saint-Hubert house) and there were people near me, I said that that house gave me the creeps and someone said the people too and I agreed. I do not remember why but I ended up in that home and I did my best to act normal and to hurry up the reason why I was there, the people there knew that I knew but this is all I remember. That dream may of ended there or a little after.